dear ex-lover.

I tried my hardest to make you a better man not realizing that I wasn't trying to improve you, but change you.  I was trying to turn you into a one-woman man, but in reality, you weren't ready.  I should've known that you can't build a king, they build themselves.  If you really wanted to be a one-woman man, you would've committed to it.  There was nothing I could say or do that could've changed that.

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Brittani GainesComment
an open letter.

I still have pieces from the broken men I've dated. I still have scars on my soul from trying to put them back together. I've dated men who didn't love themselves & in turn, I tried to love them more than I loved myself. I've dated men who didn't take the lessons they learned from our encounter & went on to be destructive, blaming me for faults of their own.

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Brittani Gaines